Federal & State OSHA News

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OSHA issues 2021 Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards

OSHA has announced its preliminary Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety standards for fiscal year 2021.

The Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety standards for FY 2021 are:

1.   Fall Protection – General Requirements (1926.501): 5,295 violations

2.   Respiratory Protection (1910.134): 2,527

3.   Ladders …

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California EHS November 2021 News

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Cal/OSHA can issue citations for two new categories of violations

A new law (SB 606) significantly expands the enforcement power of Cal/OSHA by creating two new violation categories: “enterprise-wide” violations and “egregious” violations.

Enterprise-Wide Violation:

This bill creates a rebuttable presumption that a violation committed by an employer with multiple worksites is “enterprise-wide” if Cal/OSHA …

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Suggestions for effective sustainability decision-making

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By Dave Johnson, Phylmar Group newsletter editor

A U.S. industrial automation company with 23,000 employees and more than $6 billion in annual revenue recently expanded its corporate sustainability team and function. The vice president for sustainability oversees cross-functional workstreams focused on all areas of sustainability. Key team members include the company’s director of environment, health …

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Are you throwing away training dollars?

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By Dave Johnson, Phylmar newsletter editor

Total expenditure on workplace training by U.S. companies totaled a whopping $82.5 billion in 2020, according to Statista. Organizations with 10,000+ employees annually spend about $1,046 per employee. The majority of the training spend is directed at internal training taught by staff members. External training providers are more commonly …

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August 2021 EHS News

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Biden requires federal workers to be vaccinated or undergo repeated tests

President Joe Biden announced sweeping new pandemic requirements aimed at boosting vaccination rates for millions of federal workers and contractors as he lamented the “American tragedy” of rising-yet-preventable deaths among the unvaccinated.

Federal workers will be required to sign forms attesting they’ve been vaccinated …

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