Phylmar Short Episode 2: The Connection Between Risk Factors at Work and Cardiovascular Diseases

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In this second installment of Phylmar Shorts, Mark quickly addresses the connection between psychosocial risk factors at work and cardiovascular diseases. Here is the paper that Mark refers to in this Short: Thanks for tuning in, and contact to inquire about joining the Phylmar Group.…

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February 2023 FedOSHA News

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The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (FedOSHA) is moving forward with its 2023 Regulatory Agenda and initiatives. The Agency continues to release information and details that outline its alignment with the Biden Administration’s goals and priorities.

Regulatory Agenda

Heat Illness Prevention continues to be a focus for the Agency and Administration. In addition, Workplace …

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A Safety & Health Chat with ChatGPT

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By: Dave Johnson, Phylmar newsletter editor

Many of you are likely among the more than 30 million users of the global phenomenon ChatGPT (which gets roughly five million visits a day), an artificial intelligence chatbot released free to the public last November 30 by the small San Francisco AI company OpenAI. Try it out at …

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The pandemic’s unintended consequences: EHS pros build skills, clout & confidence

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By Dave Johnson

EHS professionals have gotten the word for years in books, articles, conferences, webinars, podcasts and social media platforms. Build up your people skills and professional networks. Go out of your way to make contacts. Get exposure. Collaborate more. This is how the profession gains visibility and credibility.

Pros have been schooled in …

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Gaining momentum: Restricting & banning “forever chemicals”

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“The PFAS issue is analogous to climate change,” says Nathaniel Sponsler, director of the Apparel and Footwear International Restricted Substances List Management Group (AFIRM). AFIRM is one of three Phylmar Group® professional forums that bring EHS and sustainability professionals together to share best practices in workplace safety and product stewardship. AFIRM was established …

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Workplace Violence Often Goes Unreported

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By Dave Johnson, ISHN Editor-at-Large


“Americans sure are angry these days,” states a 2021 Mother Jones magazine.

Another talks of the country’s “collective rage.”

Anger is on the rise across U.S. society. The Covid-19 pandemic is an obvious contributing factor. A 2020 global study found healthcare professionals were roughly 50 percent more likely …

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