Report sheds light on serious injuries at work

By February 28, 2021 No Comments

ISN, a company involved in contractor and supplier information management, released its Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) Insights report, created to support companies with safety initiatives.

Organizations are more likely to experience higher SIF rates if contractors work at heights of six feet or higher, bring chemicals on site, work with rigging material handling, or perform welding, cutting or hot work. 

Organizations are less likely to experience SIFs if contractors work in a process safety management (PSM) facility, if the employer has established an environmental program, or employs a paramedic at the work site or during large projects.

In addition to contractor characteristics and incident-specific data, information on safety culture and employee and contractor perceptions at an organization are key leading indicators for SIFs. In fact, 75 percent of the surveyed hiring clients believe improving safety culture and value alignment is an effective approach to reducing SIFs.

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