Beyond Sustainability: Companies begin to pursue regeneration

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In recent years, U.S. manufacturers have taken major steps to make their supply chains more sustainable to fight climate change, according to an article in Forbes.

Levi Strauss is shaking up the apparel sector by committing to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions within its own facilities by 90% by 2025. Earlier this year, GM appointed its first chief sustainability officer to drive the carmaker and the nation towards an all-electric, zero-emissions future. Adopting the circular economy principles aimed at zero-waste, SC Johnson has already made 94% of its plastic packaging recyclable, reusable, or compostable. 

These sustainability strategies aim to “do more with less” — create more economic value by polluting less and using fewer natural resources. But

U.S. consumers want companies to go beyond sustainability and “do more good” for the planet. 

According to a study by ReGenFriends nearly 80% of U.S. consumers prefer “regenerative” brands to “sustainable” brands (they find the term “sustainable” too passive).

What is regeneration? 

A sustainable firm seeks to reduce its ecological footprint, a regenerative company seeks to increase its socio-ecological handprint—by restoring the health of individuals, communities and the planet. Thus, regenerative businesses can achieve greater financial performance and impact than their sustainability-focused peers.  

Some vanguard U.S. manufacturers want to regenerate not only the planet, but also individuals and communities suffering from COVID-19 and the recession. These firms are pursuing triple regeneration, an integrated strategy to restore, renew, and grow people, places, and the planet (3Ps) in a cohesive and synergistic way.

By regenerating people, places, and the planet U.S. manufacturers could enhance the health of millions of people and revitalize thousands of communities.

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