OSHA, Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association Alliance Aims to Reduce Employee Exposure to Hazards Associated with Animal Handling

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OSHA, 28 September 2016

OSHA and the WVMA established an alliance to provide the association’s members with information, guidance and access to training resources to protect workers’ safety and health.  The alliance will emphasize reducing injury and illness on the job and will focus training on common hazards faced by veterinary clinic workers, including exposure to pharmaceuticals, anesthetic gases, sterilization agents, x-ray radiation and animal behavior.  Training will also cover hazards related to ergonomic stressors associated with the lifting and handling of animals.

OSHA and WVMA will work together to promote awareness of the agency’s rulemakings, enforcement initiatives and safety campaigns, including an understanding of workers’ rights and employer responsibilities.  The partners will also speak, exhibit and appear at OSHA or WVMA conferences, forums and roundtable meetings on hazards veterinary clinic workers face on the job.



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