Product Stewardship & Sustainability

We Empower Our Communities of EHS Professionals by Providing the Resources They Need.


Phylmar helps its clients strategize, develop, assess and/or maintain programs and initiatives that enhance each client’s ability to meet its sustainability objectives. Through its global network of experienced professionals, Phylmar teams provide expertise, guidance, and implementation assistance for programs that meet the needs of each client and the expectations of its stakeholders. As a result, partnering with Phylmar can help its clients develop and maintain long-term value within each program

Product Stewardship

Today, successful product-based companies must design products and processes for the circular economy, with its business benefits of larger and more predictable revenues, customer loyalty, brand advantage, and product reliability. Phylmar services include sustainable product design, product regulatory compliance, supply chain alignment and stakeholder communication.

Our Business Forums in Product Stewardship


The Apparel and Footwear International RSL Management (AFIRM®) Group provides an opportunity for EHS professionals to collaboratively advance chemicals management in the apparel and footwear industry.

Benefits of Joining Our Forums

Our Product Stewardship/Sustainability forums provide a forum to advance the global management of restricted substances, communicate information about RSL to the supply chain, discuss concerns, and exchange ideas for improving RSL management.


Phylmar Client Advisors provide regulatory analysis and advocacy- relaying the forums’ position and being involved on a state, federal, and global level.


Through the Phylmar Academy®, members have access to continued education opportunities that help advance their careers as Product Stewardship/Sustainability Professionals.

Best Practices

Benchmark and consult with product stewardship/sustainability colleagues who are creators of world-class programs.


Members have access to a global network of senior consultants providing a broad array of capabilities. Phylmar handles all of the sourcing, vetting, contracting and project management to expedite the process.

Product Stewardship & Sustainability Consulting Services

Our team of trusted client advisors have decades of experience in environmental, regulatory, business and law management positions working specifically with Fortune 1000 companies, startups, multinational firms, government agencies, and even managing their own EHS consulting firms.

Creating sustainable value for all stakeholders

We develop a sustainable-value framework linking the challenges of global sustainability to the creation of stakeholder value. Specifically, we show how the global challenges associated with sustainable development, viewed through the appropriate set of business lenses, can help to identify strategies and practices that contribute to a more sustainable world while simultaneously driving stakeholder value.

Reducing complexity by relieving you of the project management burden

All administrative processes flow through Phylmar, thereby expediting and simplifying the contracting process.

Reducing business risk through a rigorous QA/QC process

Our process has every work product from an affiliate reviewed by your Phylmar Client Advisor before you ever see the draft.

Reducing the time consuming effort and cost to source and contract

Our clients save precious time by not having to s negotiate contracts and spending considerable effort to locate and validate the right partner. Using Phylmar as an intermediary conserves precious human resources and capital.