Environmental Health & Safety

We Empower Our Communities of EHS Professionals by Providing the Resources They Need

EHS Forums

Our PRR, AFIRM®, and BioPharma forums bring EHS professionals together to share ideas and best practices in workplace safety and product stewardship to stay compliant with current regulations. Phylmar Group Client Advisers facilitate regular meetings with these forums and bring in their own expertise to help drive the conversation.

EHS Consulting Services

The Phylmar Group has more than 500 affiliates in 50 countries who can help your company with a temporary project or long-term programs involving EHS practices. Our experts are knowledgeable in local regulations, languages, and culture helping ensure a successful outcome.

Our EHS Forums

Members can access a team of trusted client advisors having decades of experience in technical, regulatory, business, and law in multinational corporations and government.

Phylmar Regulatory Roundtable

The Phylmar Regulatory Roundtable is a forum for EHS Professionals to share best practices and information, stay current with regulations and provide mutual assistance.

BioPharma EHS Forum

The BioPharma EHS Forum provides an opportunity for EHS professionals in BioPharma to exchange ideas, share best practices, network, and benchmark with other companies.

Benefits of Joining One of Our Forums

Joining one of our EHS business forums will allow you to keep current with regular regulatory updates and gain thorough access to best practices of some of the world’s top companies. Each member is assigned a client advisor who can facilitate all of your consulting needs through Phylmar’s network of more than 500 affiliates in 50 countries.


We stay on the forefront of current regulations and attend important state meetings to advocate on behalf of our business forums.


Through the Phylmar Academy®, members can take advantage of continuing education programs to maintain professional certifications and provide training to their firm’s employees.

Best Practices

The Phylmar Group helps facilitate discussions with the forums of EHS professionals that bring individual experiences to help improve healthy and vital workplaces, product stewardship, and employee/consumer safety.

Resources (Affiliates)

Our 500 EHS professional affiliates in 50 different countries- with their knowledge of local culture and regulations- can help companies reach their goals in succeeding in a global market.

EHS Consulting Services

Our forums provide members with technical and leadership development designed for improved results. Phylmar monitors, analyzes and advocates during rule making regarding federal and state regulations. Members have a private forum for information exchange and networking along with opportunities for continuing professional education and mentoring.

Creating sustainable value for all stakeholders

Creating sustainable value for all stakeholders is a key component to the long term success of any project. Together, the value and key metrics of the outcomes are identified and agreed upfront.

Reducing complexity by relieving you of the project management burden

All administrative processes flow through Phylmar, thereby expediting and simplifying the contracting process.

Reducing business risk through a rigorous QA/QC process

Through our rigorous QA/QC process, every work product from an affiliate is reviewed by your Phylmar Client Advisor before you ever see the draft.

Reducing the time-consuming effort and cost to source and contract EHS services

Our clients save precious time by not having to negotiate contracts and spending considerable effort to locate and validate the right partner.