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Pre-Placement Medical Examinations

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Remote Location On-Site Support

WorkCare provides pre-placement medical examinations for employees recruited to a remote Pacific Ocean island to work in the chemical weapon demilitarization plant located there. This is a fixed fee contract.

– Compliance Standards: WorkCare’s physician consultants are familiar with all applicable OSHA standards as well as Department of the Army regulations: AR 40-68 Quality Assurance, AR 40-13 Medical Support Ionizing Radiation Safety Program, AP 40-173 and AP 40-8 Guidelines for Evaluation of Exposure, and AR 600-85 Alcohol and Drug Prevention. They are also familiar with the island Medical Support Plan and Disaster Preparedness Operations Plan.

– Medical Services Performed: WorkCare’s ongoing services include administering pre-placement physical exams for employees recruited to the site. Physicals are conducted at one of 35 specially credentialed providers located throughout the United States. WorkCare prepared a provider credentialing program specifically designed to meet this customer’s and U.S. Army requirements. Dr. Greaney attended instruction in the Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties given by the U.S. Army Research Institute of Chemical Defense. Dr. Greaney has toured the site plant facilities and personally experienced working conditions in the DPE suits worn by plant workers.

WorkCare administers over 150 pre-placement exams a year. All exams are reviewed by Dr. Greaney who issues fitness for duty reports based on the employee job description and criteria established by the Chief Medical Officer on the island in consultation with WorkCare physicians.

Contract Successes: WorkCare’s program gave client a standardized pre-placement physical exam program. Previously, client used 5 separate contractors who operated 5 separate and distinct programs. The WorkCare program has lowered client’s costs in part by reducing employee travel costs. Previously, all newly hired employees had to travel to one of 5 fixed locations for an exam. This approach incurred significant travel costs. Now, most exams are completed within a 1-hour drive of the employee’s residence, thereby reducing their travel time and costs. WorkCare implemented a provider credentialing program that previously did not exist.

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