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Pharmaceutical Research Lab

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Pharmaceutical Research Lab Cambridge, MA

The Challenge: A researched-based, global pharmaceutical company opened a new facility focused on the drug discovery process and needed safety and hazard information signs for the laboratories. The facility’s ESH manager wanted to find a way to display and update information in a timely, cost-effective way, yet avoid the sign clutter associated with ever-changing compliance messages. The goal was to ensure regulatory compliance and respect for the safety message.

The Graphics Lab Solution: Based on the needs of the company, Graphics Lab worked with the safety manager and his committee to select a sign design and graphic template that consolidated various safety and hazard messages into a readable, accessible format. The two-panel vertical WindowGridTM system was selected to display information on doors and walls. Since some of the signs were to be attached to glass doors and lab windows, Graphics Lab designed double-sided units to display both lab entry and exit safety information. For an inventory/stock area, two three-panel Window GridsTM were configured to include a marker board as well as windows for the safety information display. Graphics Lab designed customized graphics for the sign templates according to the company’s specifications.

The Results: The company’s safety and hazard information was given a consistent, customized design and display form, making important data easy to read, easy to access, and compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

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