Multi-Site Bank Mold Remediation

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Mold Removal Project

A major bank company contracted MARCOR Remediation, Inc., (MARCOR) to perform mold remediation at nearly two-dozen branch locations in California. The amplified mold growth was primarily caused by water infiltration from irrigation and roof drains, as well as from other piping. At one location, the toxic mold contamination levels were such that CalOSHA “red tagged” the facility. This “red-tag” closure prevented non-protected individuals from entering the building.

Prior to actual mold removal at this branch, a series of containment barriers were installed in various locations, including the vault, and were maintained for the duration of the project. The work environment was managed by negative air machines fitted with HEPA filters, and all of the make-up air was filtered through the pleated filter, with enhanced surface capture technology.

Visibly mold-impacted surfaces were removed under controlled conditions with the use of rotary cutting tools and various demolition techniques. The addition of water for dust control was limited, in that the project involved the determination of water infiltration.

MARCOR utilized HEPA vacuum-assisted sanders and chemical disinfectants to facilitate the cleaning of the wood surfaces. Final air and surface tests were conducted, based on the outside air mold concentrations.

MARCOR Remediation, Inc., successfully completed the project within the critical time frame and the safety constraints for the facility.

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