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Effective Risk Communication Strategies Course Outline

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Risk communication is part of the science of risk assessment and the process of risk management. This course is designed to assist those responsible for environmental, health or safety issues effectively communicate risk information to employees, community members, and the media. You will gain an understanding of how risk is perceived and learn the best approaches to communicating risk. Sharpen your risk communication presentation skills through role playing and mock media interviews. Develop your own crisis management plan. Understand which computer-based applications can be used successfully in risk communication. Case studies and real world examples are incorporated into the course.


Approaches to Risk Communication

Laws Mandating Risk Communication

Constraints to Effective Risk Communication

Ethical Issues

Principles of Risk Communication

Determining Purpose and Objective

Analyzing Your Audience

Determining the Appropriate Methods

Setting a Schedule

Developing a Crisis Management/Communication Plan

Information Materials

Pictorial Representation of Risk

Face-to-Face Communications

Working with the Media

Computer-Based Applications

The Meaning of Success

Types of Evaluation

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