Pharmacokinetics and Dermal Exposure Assessment

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30 October 2008

Plunkett & Associates

Pharmacokinetics and Chemical Exposure

Various Industrial Clients


The consultant’s expertise in pharmacokinetics has been a useful tool in re-creating chemical exposure situations or in predicting the impact of a chemical on a population. An example would include work on the dermal exposure to PCBs and predicting safe surface levels of this chemical based on the pharmacokinetics of PCBs. In this instance, exposure involved touching of metallic and cement surfaces during typical maintenance work activities. These surfaces had residual levels of PCBs, often embedded in the cement. Based on an understanding of the dermal transfer of lipophilic compounds, such as PCBs, a chemical specific exposure scenario was designed. Literature on the uptake and absorption of PCBs in humans was used to estimate internal body burdens of this chemical. Based on this exposure work, safe levels of PCBs on surfaces was determined. This safe level was used as part of a risk assessment submitted to the U.S. Federal Government.

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